First Post!

Ah, the obligatory First Post.  Usually, the content of the “first post” is just “First Post!”, a quick jab to everyone that your comment to a story beat theirs.   Unfortunately for me (and fortunately for you), this first post needs to be a bit more substantial.  So, let’s get started…

Why “h/ex/o”?  Well, I’ve been sitting on this domain ( ever since the first child was about 3.  I was still harboring a deep resentment for having to give up my previous 4-letter domain to a computer company years earlier (who happened to have the same name of the domain I legally owned and had threatened to sue me to get it) and wanted another one.  (It wasn’t too bad;  I actually got a few dollars out of it.  At least enough to pay my lawyers fees and then take the family out for a nice dinner.)  The first born was playing in the tub with some little foam letters and was lining them up on the side of the tub.  “fyawb6et2”, “hexo”, “tc4zmn”, “dfd…” Wait!  hexo?  Hmm.  That would be a great domain…

(Sidenote:  why such an obsession on a 4-letter domain?  Well, the shorter the domain name, the easier it is to remember.  And for the unwashed, you may not know that all the 3-letter and shorter domains have been unavailable for years.  At least not available to those of us looking to spend a bit less than $12 million!)

Off to the computer I ran, loaded up the browser and hit was free, so I went to my favorite registrar and bought it.  ( was not available at the time but, with some patience, I was able to pick it up a few months later when the previous owner let it expire.)  The next question was, “What do I do with it?”  Family and work pressures would delay that answer until a few months ago when the idea for this blog hit me.

What are “highly extraneous observations”?  Remember how I just said I was sitting on a domain?  I forgot to mention that “hexo” was pretty much a non-word and, if I was going to use this domain, I would need to come up with an idea that utilized the name.  “H”ighly “EX”traneous “O”bservations.

So, you’ll see posts and links about a wide variety of items that may seem unrelated to you.  I can assure you, though, they are related in my mind.

What about you?  Oh, me?  I’m Joe.  I have a wife, 2 kids and I work for a major telecom company.  (Ha, you thought I was going here…)  I’m a computer guy, I like real auto racing, and I sometimes wish I was a professional photographer.  I’ll be posting links to items I find on the “interwebs” that are interesting to me and peppering in some original content (tutorials, commentary, etc.) as time permits.

I hope you enjoy this little slice of my life.


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