Sarah Palin and her passport

The Vice-Presidential nominee for the Republican party has only left the North American continent once in her the 44 years she has been alive.  Once! OMFG. 

McCain campaign spokeswoman Maria Comella acknowledged today that Ireland was only a refueling stop on a trip in July 2007 to visit Alaskan National Guard troops in Kuwait and Iraq. Comella said today that the 2007 trip was her only foreign travel apart from visits to Canada. Comella said Palin first received a passport in 2006. The New York Times reported last week that Palin had traveled very little, and had needed to apply for a passport so she could visit the troops.

Does anyone in the Republican party really think she has enough foreign policy experience to be the Vice-President? I’m 6 years younger than her, have had a modest middle-class living my entire life (so I’m just an “average American” like her), and I’ve been to 10 different countries since I was 10, including a full summer spent in Greece when I was 15!  I’ve been to Canada countless numbers of times, too, visiting there at least 2 times a year until I moved to Texas a few years ago. (BTW, many locals here would consider Texas to be its own country!)

For reals?  God help us!

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