Scanning slides and negatives: Part 2

Received a package in the mail on Friday.  It was my slides being returned by Scancafe.  (I mentioned previously that I had sent out a number of 35mm slides I had taken as a teenager to have them scanned in.)

The slides began their journey on May 5th when I shipped them off to Scancafe.  On Independence Day (July 4th, for you non-Americans in the crowd), I received an automated email from Scancafe that my images were ready for review.  Scancafe will scan all the slides, negatives and prints you send in and then let you choose only the ones you want to keep, without paying for those you don’t want (up to 50% of the total number).  I had already filtered the slides prior to shipping, so I ended up choosing almost all of them to be purchased.  I submitted my final choices and received an email that I should expect my slides and custom DVD with scanned images in a few weeks.

Another automated email arrived in the Inbox on July 21 announcing that the package had been shipped. Finally! Last week ended up being a bit hectic, so I was surprised when the little package was dropped off by the UPS delivery person on July 25. The package had my original slides tucked in with the custom DVD of the scanned images. 

Custom DVD has two pictures from my collection on it!

So, was it worth the (almost) 11 weeks of waiting? For me, a resounding Yes. I wasn’t in a hurry to have these scanned in, and the price was right.  ($34.98 for 69 slides for an average of $0.51 per slide at 4000 dpi, delivered.)  This person has compiled costs for multiple online services, with most costing twice as much.  That being said, you’ll need to balance out the cost savings with the extra amount of time to get your scans.

How was the quality? Very good. I didn’t not notice any image quality or color difference between the original slides and scans, at a casual glance.  It should be noted that I’m only using these scans to have prints made to hang in my house and I’m confident the quality will be good at 8×10.

Will I use them again?  Maybe.  I’ve got a large box of prints and negatives sitting in my bedroom that I’ll be going through soon.  I’ll save that process for another post sometime in the near future…

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