Those mean people from New York

My wife and I try to explain to our “Southern” friends here in Texas that we New Yorkers may come across as mean and rude but, we’re really not.  We just have a different outlook on life and try not to waste time with shallow nicities and false kindness. Joan Acocella in Smithsonian Magazine puts it this way:

It is said that New Yorkers are rude, but I think what people mean by that is that New Yorkers are more familiar. The man who waits on you in the delicatessen is likely to call you sweetheart. (Feminists have gotten used to this.) People on the bus will say, “I have the same handbag as you. How much did you pay?” If they don’t like the way you are treating your children, they will tell you. And should you try to cut in front of somebody in the grocery store checkout line, you will be swiftly corrected.

Exactly!  If we were really being mean, you’d know it :-) 

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